When a shareholder designates a shareholder designated as a formal shareholder on the shareholder register, only the designated shareholder, not the actual shareholder, has the right to exercise the rights as a shareholder. The very concept of nominated shareholders is not known in the Netherlands. However, under Dutch law, there are opportunities for a similar outcome. In general, there are no restrictions on the appointment of appointed shareholders or directors. A designated shareholder cannot be appointed to public LCs. If the shares of a private LLC are registered in a securities register, a designated shareholder may also be named for shares of a private LLC. It allows individuals to hold, buy, transfer and sell shares through a nominee company as an alternative to holding shares on its behalf. Members retain similar rights and benefits as a private investor, but the named company becomes the registered owner of the shares. The concept of nominal service is not available in Ukraine. However, in practice, such appointments are possible. Each member of the executive body, regardless of its nominating status, is fully responsible for the activities of llc. A company will not record information about a trust agreement in its shareholder register (members` register) and, as far as the company is concerned, the person listed in the company`s share register is the registered shareholder.

The economic beneficiary of the shares will therefore often want his candidate to make a declaration of confidence to document the conditions under which his candidate holds the shares. A candidate can be either an individual or an organization. Computershare Investor Services PLC, in collaboration with the companies listed below, operates the company`s nominating service for the benefit of individual private shareholders. The nominee company is a subsidiary of Computershare Investor Services PLC. There are no restrictions on the appointment of appointed shareholders and directors. It should be noted that, under Nigerian corporate law, the person whose name is on the membership register is recognized as the rightful owner of the company`s shares. It is a simple form of declaration of trust that includes only the actions of a company and the basic declaration of trust. You`ll find a longer form agreement on the securities and a longer list of commitments between the nominee and the economic beneficiary under the Nominee Shareholders: Declaration of Trust – Long Form Agreement section. This declaration of confidence should be used when a designated shareholder, who is the registered owner of shares, holds shares for the benefit of another person (the economic beneficiary). An economic beneficiary may nominate a candidate under a company`s participation agreements because he does not want his name on the share register, or he must nominate a candidate, for example. B by the company`s statutes.

In accordance with a declaration of confidence – Nominee Shareholders, the nominated shares are held in trust by the designated shareholder and the nominee has no economic interest in those shares.