A grant application form consisting of five sections that would provide you with personal information, financial details, other circumstances, contractual terms and consent to the conditions. 9.1 WITHOUT AFFECTATION: Neither this agreement nor the rights, privileges, or obligations stipulated in it may be transferred, transferred or shared by the recipient without Next Level`s prior written consent, and such an attempt at transfer or transfer is null and void. Any merger, consolidation, reorganization, transfer of the bulk of all the beneficiary`s assets or any other change in the control or ownership of the beneficiary is considered an assignment within the meaning of this agreement. 9.2 ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement and the attachments, if any, cover the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and replace all previous communications, presentations or agreements, whether oral or written. An amendment to this agreement is not binding on any of the parties unless it is signed in writing and signed by an authorized representative of each party. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this agreement or any other agreement between the parties, the provisions of this agreement take place and prevail over the conflicting conditions of another agreement. 9.3 GOVERNING LAW: This agreement is entirely governed by the laws of the State of California, without reference to any choice of laws, provisions, as if this agreement had been concluded by residents of that state who will be fully implemented in that state. The parties herehesy waive any request from the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts (as announced in 1980 and any succession or follow-up agreement) with respect to the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement. 2.1 Next Level retains all rights, titles and ownership of the equipment, unless such a device is purchased by the recipient. The recipient names and appoints Next Level as its lawyer, necessary only for the execution and filing of UCC-1 financing returns (and possibly related changes) or other legal documents, including this agreement, as required by Next Level for protection purposes, in order to prove Next Level`s right, title and ownership in the equipment. At Next Level`s request, the recipient will apprehend all labels or tags provided by Next Level in order to insert the possession of Next Level devices.

The next step can inspect the equipment from time to time. The recipient may not sell, transfer, transfer, mortgage, incriminate or transmit the device, part or part of the device. The recipient understands and accepts that certain information about the device is confidential and does not transmit any information about the device to third parties without Next Level`s prior written consent. 6.1 All devices are made available “as intended” without any guarantee, written or oral, explicit or implied, including, but not limited, any guarantee of cleivability or suitability for a particular purpose. The recipient is aware that some newly manufactured devices may contain recycled parts that correspond to a new power. The recipient hereby undertakes to defend, compensate and compensate other claims or lawsuits against other levels arising from the recipient`s use of the device, including the use by its employees, agents or subcontractors. The beneficiary is ordered to pay all costs; Damages, losses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) that are incurred next level, and will pay any arbitration award for such a claim or be agreed upon in a transaction.