The captain`s position was created to oversee rescue operations, but those responsibilities are now being taken on by other officials, making the fire chief position essentially obsolete, Holste said. DAVIE – Six fire captains, whose positions have been eliminated under a new collective agreement, have been promoted to battalion chiefs. An official promotion ceremony is scheduled for February 26. The new battalion chiefs are Robert Diferdinando, Richard Hopwood, Vincent Martinez, Scott Mogavero, James Ross and Alan Seldal. The captain`s position was abolished to consolidate the chain of command, said Phllip Holste, a spokesman for the city. Two of the new battalion commanders will now earn $116,710, an increase of $22,548 over their captain`s salaries. The other four will receive increases ranging from $6,988 to $7,163. Higher salaries include additional pay for busier day shifts. The responsibilities of fire captains have evolved so much in recent years that their duties are closely linked to those of battalion commanders, who take command and supervise personnel in the event of an incident.

“The department head felt that no testing was necessary because these personnel were already acting satisfactorily as a replacement for the battalion chief,” Holste said. Having more battalion chiefs on duty will improve emergency management, he added., 954-356-4188, Twitter: @briballou Davie Firefighters` IAFF Local 2315 did not respond to numerous calls for an interview for this story. City officials say captains are essentially qualified because the position of battalion chief is similar. According to the new treaty, which runs up to 30. In September 2017, battalion commanders were classified as exempt and no longer entitled to overtime. The position requires a partner degree, and the new boss who does not have a degree must receive one within three years. Their new titles come with increases from nearly $7,000 to $22,500.

The promotions, which came into effect on 1 October, were granted without the normal criteria for promotion to the rank of Battalion Chief, including tests and interviews […].