I created a new branch, PROJH, which uses proj.h instead of proj_api.h. I could drop things on errors, as I haven`t looked into liblwgeom, and changes there for the removal proj_api.h, again. Apparently r is not able to find in pkconfig for the proj.pc file. To remedy this, go below in your .bashrc environment. My security approach for rgdal will be to add a setting with-proj-api settings, to add “yes” by default if the version can be < 6, but "yes" or "no," if the main version -6 makes it easier to check for behavioral changes. sf can be more adventurous… Please, I`m still butcher spdep. I am lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/proj/2019-April/008419.html with interest, PROJ 6.1 and proj_normalize_for_visualization () can be a path through… Once gdal is installed, you can install the sf package from the source in R.

With the current version of proj (7.0.0) on homebrew, the installation requires an additional configuration: Get gdal, proj and geos from the main epics and udunits of the AUR: Since the support for proj.h, what should the logic configure? I would suggest what PostGIS does: How can I trigger an R-Forge test? If I commit to R-Forge, can the IC see it? I will now go with -DACCEPT_USE_OF_DEPRECATED_PROJ_API_H when the first character in the Proj version sequence is “6.” Is GDAL built against 6.0.0? (No, I think you need the master branch for 2.5.0?) Can we determine if GDAL was created with GDAL proj.h? Should we expect the two upstream components to use the same headers? which means you have to see how rgdal `proj_api.h recognizes the clumsy way (clean code, non autoconf) after defining the definition. The file is located at the declared location, but it blocks if the definition is not defined: working with the epsg codes on GDAL seems to work, only the pauses `proj:init-epsg. If you use a dynamic link (installation from the source) and you have installed several versions of these libraries (z.B. one of ubuntugis-unstable, another from the source in /usr/local/lib) it usually doesn`t work, even if they LD_LIBRARY_PATH manually. See here for the reason why. The easiest way to install gdal is to use Homebrew. Among the more recent versions of homebrew, there is a complete, current Gdal formula, which is installed simultaneously: this project gratefully appreciates the financial support provided by this branch hard-codes -DPROJH in src/Makevars.in, as autoconf continues to make the way proj_api.h. Tested now with Maybe you know, or can you ask: we now always put accuracy on 0 (no accuracy: no rounding takes place), which is most likely the worst case. Do the other OSGEO projects put this by default on a more relevant value and, if so, on which? Or do (many) GEOS users simply have to learn? Well, “yes,” where it still works in PROJ 6, (proj.h, where it`s not silent, it`s like now) to project (), transform (), etc. List of: RGDAL_GetProjectionRef (), RGDAL_checkCRSArgs (), ogrP4S (), p4s_to_wkt (), wkt_to_p4s ogrAutoIdentifyEPSG (), project_inv (), RGDAL_project (), transform (), Download both gdal and proj Libaries.

Make sure you have gdal and proj libraries compiled with the gdal-2.4.3 tutorial on CentOS 7… and the GDAL-Master IIRC uses PROJ6, so I think the code should be used to cover files with proj4 strings.